I am a freelance web designer that loves building web sites from scratch. It's my passion, my work of art. I'm very easy to work with and affordable. If I build it, they will come. I turn "impossible" into "I'm possible."
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Web Portfolio

Welcome to my web portfolio. Here you will find examples of my previous works as well as any web sites that I have created for a willing, participating client in my Rewards Program. As I begin to have more clients, and begin to make more web sites in general, more web sites will be added to this list.

zTech+ - http://ztech.zollernverse.org/ - This web site was authored for my friends and I's Minecraft server, and I'm quite proud of how the web site turned out. It reflects my colorful, "sleek" style, while still appearing professional. It's also easily navigable, and shows off my nav menu styling. The logo could be better - I'm not fond of the colors, but I actually do like how the layout is structured. You will also find a link back to this web site, however this is because zTech+ is also my web site - you will not have one of those links on your web site without your permission, first. ** Not yet optimized for mobile browsers.

GIGA Inc. - http://www.gigainc.com/ - This is the web site for the company at which I work. In mid-2014 I helped to redesign their web site at its core, using Joomla 2.5, but still working using the code, as well. A lot of the work that I did for them was "under the hood", but you can see some of my work on the Line Cards page. The way most of the pages are structured and laid out is also a great reflection of my work. This is a good example of a basic work done by me.

Macon Bibb Law Enforcement Foundation - http://www.mblef.org/ - A web site I built as a replacement for the old, non-functioning one, this web site is a work in progress but is slated to be for a charity foundation for police officers and firefighters. This is one of my works that I built from scratch.