I am a freelance web designer that loves building web sites from scratch. It's my passion, my work of art. I'm very easy to work with and affordable. If I build it, they will come. I turn "impossible" into "I'm possible."
» Hire Me   * Serious business inquiries only.


Please understand that I do not work for free, regardless of the circumstances. Also, please be sure to buy a warranty along with your desired plan or service. This allows you to contact me if something goes wrong with the web site, and I will try to fix it with no cost, provided the warranty still applies. If one of our meetings or conversations gets loud or at all violent (including verbally), then I have the right to refuse service and may or may not contact the police. These are just things that exist for my protection as well as for my business. I do not do your homework for you. I'm only interested in real and professional clients - if you're being graded to make a web site, please make it yourself. Thank you.


    1 year - $50
    2 years - $100
    4 years - $150

If, after the creation, you experience an error of any kind, I will be more than happy to fix it for you; however, whether the warranty applies or not (see below) will be the deciding factor of whether or not you’ll have to pay for the maintenance, or if I’ll even do it in some cases (voided warranties).

** While under one warranty, you are not permitted to buy another - your original must expire, first.

Please note, that even though warranties are provided, they are not limitless. Any of the actions below will render your warranty void regardless of the chosen plan, and therefore further work or maintenance will cost extra or may not happen at all, dependent on what went wrong:

Warranty Voids

  • Tampering with the coding. Simple things such as the way something’s worded, or how something’s colored will not matter, but changing (or attempting to change) the way something functions or works, will. I will potentially still fix it, it will just cost money. As for how much, it depends on the error and how much work it took. ** If you wish to just change text or something else simple, however, and something accidentally goes wrong, I will completely understand and not charge you for it, because usually it's just a missing tag. However, this will be under my judgment.
  • Hiring someone else to fix or edit my work. This makes it rather difficult to tell where my errors are, compared to where theirs are, so in order for me to address mine specifically, I need it clean. I will probably not fix it at this point, but if I do, it will cost much extra for breaking warranty. The amount it will cost is dependent upon how much work needed to be done. ** If you had your buddy take a quick look at the site and do something as simple as repairing a tag or moving something somewhere else, that's okay. I'm only talking about major changes, here. Note though, that when I say "your buddy," I don't mean another web developer business, or another programmer for that matter. I do not wish to get two businesses or coding styles confused - it never ends well. Not to mention, it’s a big, confusing mess. So if you use mine, please stick with mine. It won't bother me, but it will void your warranty if you don't, and it is non-refundable, so please get your money's worth. If you feel you can change something, I highly encourage you to contact me first, because it makes everything so much easier.
  • Abuse of any of the systems or features. If I see that the site has been intentionally spammed or otherwise vandalized, I will not do anything about it (unless it was by an outside party such as a bot or a misbehaving member), as I don’t work to have it mistreated. Web sites are my work of art – I spend days if not weeks on them to make them absolutely perfect. If I am to include them in my portfolio, I need them to look presentable, so that I may show them to other, more interested clients. If the site is not presentable enough to be put in a portfolio, the warranty will expire.
  • Sites that criticize or otherwise mock a select individual or group (discrimination). It’s not right to have an entire web site dedicated to bashing someone. That is not why I create web sites and I will not have anything to do with those that do. If you have a web site like this and come across an error, find someone else. I refuse to work with this and FYI, it is illegal. I do not support bullying and will report it to the FCC if I find out.
  • Any encouragement of illegal activity. Much like the above, anything illegal is prohibited. As I said earlier, I need the money, but I also need the reputation, and I will not tolerate having it tarnished by acts such as this. Just like the above, I will report anything like this that I see. Asking me to “look the other way” will also lead to problems.
  • Inappropriate content (pornography, violence, drugs, alcohol, etc.). The first two examples of this are always prohibited no matter what – no exceptions. However, the latter two are acceptable only for doctor’s offices and pharmacies for legal drugs, and restaurants or bars for alcohol. Sites about getting “wasted” or getting “high,” anything to that effect, will not be tolerated and will cause the warranty to expire.