I am a freelance web designer that loves building web sites from scratch. It's my passion, my work of art. I'm very easy to work with and affordable. If I build it, they will come. I turn "impossible" into "I'm possible."
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How It Works

If you're considering hiring me to develop a web site for you, then chances are that you want to know how the whole process is going to work. Don't worry, I'm very friendly and I'm here to help. The process can seem a little confusing at first, but once we get down to it, it's actually pretty simple. The following is a step-by-step process that details how the business will be conducted, and how both sides will communicate their intentions and ideas. Please read it carefully, and do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.

  1. The first thing that you should do is read my Plans file. This will give you a general overview of the services that I offer, as well as my pricing for said services.
  2. Once you've read over everything, navigate to the Hire Me page, and fill out the form with the necessary information. Once you click Submit, this will send the information to my database, which I will receive during my normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. EST).
  3. I will then contact you at my earliest convenience and attempt to set up a meeting, either through the phone, Skype, or (preferably) in person. During this meeting, we will discuss the specifics of the web site that you wish for me to design for you. This is where we will hash out the details and make sure that we understand one another, in order to minimize confusion on both sides and to ensure that maximum satisfaction is achieved. Any questions that you might have for me are best asked during this time. We can also talk about warranties and extras, though please note that these do cost extra.
  4. After the meeting, I will print out a binding contract that helps both of us to stick to the agreed to plan, and it helps to keep things professional and cover any potential discrepancies in the future, which must be signed in full by you (the client) before work can begin. Once the signed contract is returned to me, I will invoice you for half of my price (50% of the payment is required upfront) - this is to ensure that you get your work, and that I receive my payment. After this, I will begin work on the web site, and will check in with you regularly to ensure that the process is progressing in the way that you intend for it to.
  5. As I work, I will keep track of only the hours that I spend working. In other words: if I spend one hour working, then an hour for lunch, and then another hour for work, then only those two hours of work are counted. Note: Depending on your chosen plan (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Hourly), a certain number of hours are "allocated" to the work. For example, Bronze has a minimum of 30 hours. If I spend 30 hours or less working on your web site, then it will not cost you anything extra. However, if I spend one or more hours over 30 hours, then an additional charge of $25 will apply, per hour that I spent working. It sounds confusing, but it actually makes everything much simpler and much easier on both of us. Most web developers charge an outrageous amount per hour (I rarely see freelancers go below $75 per hour), with no exceptions. However, I charge based on a plan system first, and then charge if the prepaid hours are worked over, and even then, I charge a very low amount compared to most other developers (typically $25, though this may vary as demand for my services increases).
  6. Once the web site is finished and both parties are happy with the result, I will invoice you for the remaining 50% of the work, and once I receive the payment, I will turn your files over to you. Please note, however, that as of right now, I do not host your site for you. I can recommend web hosts, and help you get everything uploaded, but for now, this is up to you. Once I have a more steady workflow, I can begin offering hosting packages to my clients, but this could be a while from now. Also, we can talk about my Rewards Program. Basically, the rewards program gets you a free spot on my web portfolio, at no extra cost to you. What this means is that to promote my services, I will provide a direct link to your web site that I built for you, to A.) show off my skills for potential clients for me, and B.) increase traffic to your web site, which benefits you as well. I will also take $30 off of your final price for allowing me to link to your site. Note: This must happen BEFORE the second, final invoice is received, or it will not apply.