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eXtensive Server Path

eXtensive Server Path (download link below) is a command-line language that I authored myself. I originally began the project in 2010, under the name of fileQuery. I left it alone for a while, and then in 2012, I picked it back up and renamed it to XSP. I've been working on it on and off through the years, but I really started working on it pretty heavily in 2014, and have been doing so ever since. The primary purpose of this language is to query XML files, much in the same way that MySQL is used to query databases. So, in a way, you can think of it as a flat-file database language. You can click here to view the documentation file, which explains the language pretty thoroughly. There is also a tutorial file, which you can view by clicking here - it goes through the absolute basics of the language, in order to familiarize you with its syntax. I also wrote a console for it, so you can easily "query" and parse XML files. It utilizes XPath and PHP together to create something new and robust. It has been immeasurably fun and challenging to write my own language, and although it is not yet well known, I hope that one day it will be widely used. Download link is below.

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