I am a freelance web designer that loves building web sites from scratch. It's my passion, my work of art. I'm very easy to work with and affordable. If I build it, they will come. I turn "impossible" into "I'm possible."
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About Me

My name is Paul Shannon Jr, and I have been coding and programming since 2003. I learned HTML (the most basic, first thing you should learn) when I was 12, after I created an MSN group (back when they were still around) and was working on a page. I clicked on the View HTML button and started tinkering and editing things until I found out what changed and how to alter the page. After learning this way for a while, I finally bought an HTML book and my web building really started to take off. Then I started experimenting with web sites on Freewebs (which is called just "Webs" now), and ran a few video-game-themed forums. At the end of the HTML book, there were a couple of basic JavaScript tutorials, so I started tinkering with those, and then bought a JavaScript book. In the middle of learning that, I heard about CSS and started learning that as well. Naturally, while reading and learning both of these, I learned how to combine the two of them together, as well as with HTML. This was called DHTML back in the day, and it's still useable, but there are new web technologies out now that pretty much make that obsolete. At the time, though, this was one of the leading technologies. Around 2005, one of my friends showed me PHP, and then later, MySQL, and how it could be used on the web. These two combined with everything else revolutionized the way I wrote my code, and they still do today. It was during this time, between 2005 and 2012, that I ran several different web sites, one which I built from the ground up. I wrote my own very basic but efficient forum software, all from my head, none of it from a program. Although I did require some help from a buddy of mine for concepts, I wrote everything myself. JQuery came out a few years later, and I didn't really start learning it until around 2012, but now I use it all the time, and it's arguably the best web tool out there. I've also used .htaccess for years, but really didn't start learning it efficiently until 2014. In 2010, after having used web technologies for ~7 years, I decided to write my own, called eXtensive Server Path, although at the time it was called fileQuery, and I abandoned it after a few months. In 2012 I picked back up the project, and renamed it to its name that it still has today. Essentially, it's designed for querying a file system, primarily XML files, much in the same way that SQL is used for querying databases. It's been a lot of fun writing my own language, and I'm hopeful that someday its potential will be recognized. I have written web sites for people, and have worked on web sites for many others as I was growing up. Computer science comes naturally to me, it's basically like fluently speaking another language. Everything I know is self-taught, using books, web articles, the help of friends, Google, and dissecting the source code of other projects to understand how they work. When I was in college, I wound up being the go-to person for all things tech, primarily programming and web design. In many instances, I knew more than the professors did, and found glitches and incorrect questions in the quizzes and groupwork that otherwise would have made things impossible. Of course, I didn't just say it was wrong; I was able to show the professor (I had the same one for those classes) what I meant and prove my point (quite politely, of course). I actually wound up helping to teach the web design class, and because of this, students petitioned for me to be a programming tutor. This lasted for a good 6 or so months, maybe more, until a financial dispute caused me to leave. However, this same professor helped me get the job that I have now by talking to one of the adjunct professors, who is the accountant at where I work. She shot me an e-mail on behalf of the C.E.O., requesting my résumé. About 10 minutes after I sent the e-mail with my résumé attached, I received a call from the C.E.O., asking me to come in for an interview the next morning. Naturally, this went very well, as I scored the highest on their personality test that they had in 10 years, and I was 2 points above that person's score. I still work at GIGA Incorporated, and even helped redesign the web site and its contents, down to its core. I have also created for them an Intranet web site to digitize clocking in and out, calendar events, etc. I have had this job as an "I.T. Guy" ever since, and am quite happy with it. As I mentioned earlier, I did take CIS classes in high school and in college, but in many instances I knew more than the teacher/professor did. I took them because I had to, essentially. One of the benefits of hiring me as your web developer is this: I write everything by hand, line for line, without using a program to do it for me. That's rare in today's world. I also spell-check and proof-read everything that I write, and if I find a mistake or glitch, I will keep working at it until the problem is resolved. Web design is my work of art, my passion, and I work hard to ensure that I get it right. When I say "art", by the way, I don't mean something like Picasso. I guarantee you that your web site will make sense. I've been told that I should be getting paid to do web work for years, and I'm happy to be doing it now. Check out my Portfolio page for screenshots of the work I've done, as well as some live examples.As I mentioned earlier, I also redesigned GIGA's web site, so have a look at that as well. Check out the Hire Me page to see what kind of plans I offer, and let's see what's right for you.