I am a freelance web designer that loves building web sites from scratch. It's my passion, my work of art. I'm very easy to work with and affordable. If I build it, they will come. I turn "impossible" into "I'm possible."
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Welcome to Zollern Web. Here, you can get an idea of what kind of web services I offer, and what kind of plans you might want. There's also a brief history about my web experiences since I started learning in 2003, for anyone who might be interested in ways to learn the same concepts that I have, and to show that anything is possible once you set your mind to it. Please take your time to look around and familiarize yourself with everything, and if you wish to contact me, then please don't hesitate. I take pride in my work, and I work hard to ensure that I get it right. Programming and web site development come naturally to me - I've been tinkering with PC software since I was about eight or nine years old, and I have always loved the ecstatic feeling of creating. Even when I'm sleeping, I'm usually thinking of ways to improve my work, or how to create something new.

Why You Should Hire Me

  1. Easy to work with. I manage my projects effectively and I communicate with you frequently to be sure that you're getting your money's worth.
  2. Friendly. It's generally very difficult to find someone real in the world anymore, someone with a positive outlook. I believe in spreading good vibes all around. This means showing that I'm human, and not just some worker bee robot.
  3. Flexible. If for some reason you wish to upgrade or downgrade your plan, it won't be a problem.
  4. Understanding. I know that sometimes, life happens - and I do my best to work through it with you.
  5. Knowledgeable. Everything I know is self-taught, and I work all from my head. In other words, I make web sites from scratch, without using any programs other than syntax highlighters, generally Notepad++. This also means that I can find errors and workarounds that most people wouldn't even think of.
  6. Affordable. Most web developers charge outrageous prices like $75 an hour, and that's considered cheap in today's world. Zollern Web, however, charges based upon a "plan" system (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum, although you can opt to purchase my hourly rate instead), and sells warranties separately. Each plan is allocated a certain number of hours, and I do charge hourly if those hours are exceeded. But I only charge for the hours that I spend working on the web site, and I don't charge much for going over, generally $25 (this is explained thoroughly in the Plans document).
  7. Talented. I know at least 26 different kinds of programming and markup languages, and am fluent in at least 14 of them. Did I mention that everything I know is self-taught? That's a lot of reading right there -- and a lot of dedication. There are developers out there that charge heavily for their services, but the quality they produce is potboiler, at best, whereas my work will be renowned.
  8. Advisable. I will make suggestions to you, and will listen to yours, regarding the web site. It won't be just you telling me and then me doing it; I will communicate back with you, and offer suggestions as to the look, load time, etc. Two seconds may not sound like a long load-time to you, but it could always be better. That being said, they are just suggestions. I just like to make sure that you get your money's worth.
  9. Not a know-it-all jerk. Believe me, I understand the frustrations that people have regarding developers because honestly, half of them don't listen to their customers, and generally have an excuse like "well, I know more than you, so I know what's best." I don't believe in doing that. I will advise you, but I will do so politely and maturely, without being degrading or unprofessional. There are a lot of web developer businesses out there, but you're going to be hard-pressed to find someone as polite and affordable as I am. I'm a strong believer in connecting with the customer and treating the work like we're working together on a college project (which I have always aced in web and programming projects). That means that I won't stop until I get a 100%.
  10. Not lazy. I will work hard on your project, but it will not be just thrown under the rug for me to get to "when I feel like it." No, I'm going to make sure I get it done, and that I get it done right, guaranteed!

My Qualifications

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It has occurred to me that prospective clients might be interested to know what qualifies me to design web sites so freely as to run my own company for it, as well as what knowledge or unique skills I may possess to help me achieve my goals. The purpose of this page is that very thing: to give potential clients a reason or, more hopefully, multiple reasons to hire me. Listed below are just a few of those reasons.

Development Languages

While it may seem common to be capable of developing a quality web site, I do have rare, specific knowledge that makes me, I believe, an exceptional developer in the field. Listed below are the various markup, programming, intercommunication and design languages that I know, in no particular order.

  2. DHTML
  3. XML
  4. DTD
  5. XSLT
  6. Schema
  7. XPath
  8. XLink
  9. XQuery
  10. AppML
  11. RSS
  12. REST
  13. PHP
  14. MySQL / T-SQL
  16. ADO
  17. AJAX
  18. JavaScript
  19. jQuery
  20. AngularJS
  21. JSON
  22. CSS3
  23. Bootstrap
  24. .htaccess
  25. OpenGL
  26. WebGL
  27. SASS
  28. Ruby
  29. JSP
  30. Java
  31. C#
  32. Python
  33. Visual Basic / VB.NET / VBA
  34. Perl
  35. Batch
  36. PowerShell
  37. Lua
  38. Google Go
  39. AutoHotKey

Specific Skills

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